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Grouped Bar Charts are used when two or more data sets are displayed side-by-side and grouped together under categories on the same axis. Basically, it’s the most simple bar chart with two or more graphs.

Grouped Bar Chart

It can be helpful to plot multiple datasets using a 3D form of bar chart or histogram. The multiple series 3D bar charts can be used for data sets with 3 variables (x,y, z)
Often the clarity of presentation can be reduced if the presentation is too crowded.

Multiple Series 3D Bar Charts

The line chart’s fraternal twin. Line charts display three or more points in time while slope charts display exactly two points in time.
Defined by Edward Tufte in his 1983 book The Visual Display of Quantitative Information, this type of chart is useful for seeing (referred to the first example below):

the hierarchy of the countries in both 1970 and 1979 [the order of the countries]
the specific numbers associated with each country in each of those years [the data value next to their names]
how each country’s numbers changed over time [each country’s slope]
how each country’s rate of change compares to the other countries’ rates of change [the slopes compared with one another]
any notable deviations in the general trend (notice Britain in the above example) [aberrant slopes]

Slope Chart

A Proportional Area Chart (Half Circle) is a variation of Proportional Area Chart (Circle), where one measure is represented as a circle. Representing two data sets in one circle (half circle each), this visualisation is useful for comparing two data sets (I,II in the input type) within one category and as well between different categories (A,B,C in the input type). Two data sets are often two different years or two contrary concepts (A/A’, male/female, etc.) It is also possible to use it for only one category (one circle).

Proportional Area Chart (Half Circle)

Dumbbell dot plots — dot plots with two or more series of data — are an alternative to the clustered bar chart or slope chart.
A dumbbell dot plot can be used to visualize two or three different points in time, or to triangulate different viewpoints (e.g., one dot for Republicans and another dot for Democrats, or one dot for principals and another dot for teachers).

Dumbbell Plot