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Stacked Bar Chart is neither Multi-set Bar Chart nor simple Bar Chart. Stacked Bar Chart is multiple datasets on top of each other in order to show how the larger category is divided into the smaller categories and their relations to the total amount. 
Basically, they can be divided into two types:
1) Simple Stacked Bar Chart displays total value of the bar is all the segment values added together.
2) 100% Stack Bar Chart displays part to whole relationship in each group.

Stacked Bar Chart

Parallel coordinates is a common way of visualizing high-dimensional geometry and analyzing multivariate data. This visualization is closely related to time series visualization, except that it is applied to data where the axes do not correspond to points in time, and therefore do not have a natural order. Therefore, different axis arrangements may be of interest.

Parallel Coordinates

Polar chart displays multivariate data in the form of a two-dimensional chart of more than three variables represented on axes starting from the same point.

Polar Chart